Honey… Hold that Baby

This Sunday we left our discussion of Corinthians and visited baby Jesus as he was presented at the temple by his parents.  Mother Mary used a reflection from the Reverend Lonni Lacy of St. Anne’s Episcopal in Tifton as a template to urge us to think about our relationship with the infant Jesus in a new way.  The entire reflection can be found at http://lonnielacy.com/what-we-hold/?fbclid=IwAR2D-MLhBLfRo3_EDQi8EO9LzX0P6ANicpH7CRH_OGid1tyFeYSYXyRcFlo.  

As a young Chaplain intern, Reverend Lacey found himself assigned to a neonatal intensive care unit in Washington DC.  He had no idea what to do other than carry a clipboard and try to appear important.  That is, until a wise nurse said, “Honey, whatever that is your’re doin, you gotta put it down and come hold this baby”.  That sentence encapsulated everything Reverend Lacey needed to know about being the chaplain to tiny humans fighting for their lives.  When he asked for further instructions the nurse said, “There’s nothing else you can do.  You just hold him, and love him, and pray”.  Sometimes things really are just that simple. 

We often think of Jesus holding us in loving arms and, while we give Him love in return, we rarely think of ourselves in the role of caretaker to our Savior.  Jesus came into this world as a helpless, impoverished infant by choice.  He chose to entrust himself to mortals knowing that one day he would teach us all about immortality. There are times when we need to take action on his behalf, times when we need to take a stand for what is right, times when he needs us to follow his adult example and overturn a few tables.  Yet, there are also times when all we need do is put down everything else,  hold the baby Jesus next to our beating heart, and simply love him.  While the loving may be easy, the putting down often is not.  But, as Reverand Lacey says “The Creator of your soul has put down everything he had, because all he ever really wanted….was just to be with you”.  

Go ahead – put down what you are doing and hold This Baby.