Since 1844 generations of stewards have been called to give of their time, treasure, and talent to the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. We are now called to continue this Legacy.

Purpose Statement

The Stewardship Ministry is called to take care of and encourage the flow of all of God’s blessings to build God’s kingdom at Ascension and the greater community.  By doing so, the blessing of money will naturally flow from the church members and community to fund God’s ministries.  The following is an example of how these Holy Currencies work: 

Stewardship is the job of supervising or taking care of something.  We take care of our historic PLACE of worship by giving our TIME to mow lawns, arrange flowers, sing in the choir, etc.  We build RELATIONSHIPS with each other and our community when we serve together.  We promote GRACIOUS LEADERSHIP with training and opportunities to serve as vestry members and Christian Formation teachers, lectors and chalice bearers, celebration planners and food providers for the sick or hungry.  By working together, we discover the TRUTH about the needs of Ascension members and our neighbors that we should care for, which leads to our spiritual and physical WELLNESS.  Because members and the community see God’s gifts flourishing, we and they give MONEY cheerfully to support those ministries we love.  So, the Holy Currencies are Time and Place, Relationships, Gracious Leadership, Truth, Wellness, and Money.  We are stewards of all of God’s blessings, not just money.

Points of Interest

•To learn more about the Currencies, choose the link to view videos highlighting experiences among members and community leaders.  Also, you may research Holy Currencies by Eric H. Law,

• You can join us in person on Sundays at our 9 AM Family Service or our 11 AM Traditional Service, or you can also join us virtually for the 11 AM service through our Facebook page. During the pandemic, we meet virtually once a month. For meeting information please contact the church office or see the calendar of events on our Facebook page:

•To encourage God’s gifts to flourish at Ascension, contact Corinne Scott, chair; Sandi Behrens, vestry liaison, or other members through Ascension’s office staff:  Mary Beth Benson, Communications and Youth Coordinator, or Rose Rowe, Parish Administrator,