Stewardship Campaign 2019

The Servants Speak

Week One September 29th: Christian Formation

Our Future

Working with Christian Formation has been a joy and a blessing. As a retired teacher of thirty years, I am happy to have the opportunity to continue to do what I love, by volunteering with Sunday School and VBS. I always go home to tell my husband, Ernie, about what we did, what we laughed about, the children’s funny stories, what we sang, what we made. Believe me, I am always in a great mood after Sunday School or VBS. Usually a bit tired after VBS, but happy!

I love that the children at the Church of the Ascension are comfortable and confident in the love and acceptance of adult members who take time to get to know them and listen to what they have to say. I see this as they give and get smiles and hugs during the services, in the family center, in the church yard, everywhere at Ascension. It is clear to see that our children are cherished.

I am grateful that I can take part in sharing the Gospel, the love of Jesus, tolerance, compassion and love for one another with our children. Working with our children brings me beautiful energy.

Written and Submitted by Gail Palmer

Week Two October 6th: Outreach

An Anonymous Testimony

For me, volunteering at the food pantry means joy and a chance to put love into action. It is like taking part in a sacred holy ritual of loving our neighbors. It is getting to know them in small ways like hearing updates on their doggies or learning how their faces light up when someone donated fresh vegetables or cookies to the pantry that day. It is precious time spent with our neighbors serving together as the hands of God (as well as the feet, back, knees, etc.).

Anonymous Volunteer – Red Door Food Pantry

Week Three October 13th: Pastoral Care

What do I have to offer?

The Pastoral Care Ministry serves the members in our congregation that are in need of love and comfort. I personally experienced a need 18 years ago when I was in a horrific car accident. I was in a wheelchair for months, required surgery and couldn’t do anything on my own. At that time we were members of Holy Family Episcopal Church in Jasper Georgia. It was a very small parish that had one service a week and the sanctuary was a double wide trailer.

I’m telling you this because when I got home from the hospital there was someone at my home every night for over a month with a meal for my family. Others ran errands or took me to the doctor. Some helped out with house hold chores and so many came by for a visit and a prayer. So few did so much. The help we received got us through a very difficult time. I was both thankful and humbled.

When we moved to Cartersville and I made my first visit to Ascension I filled out the yellow visitor card as requested and Mother Mary called me a few days later and we met and discussed the different ministries offered. While my children were young I served as the Children’s Education Director for 8 years and knew I wanted to try something else. Pastoral Care seemed like a good fit because I could relate and give back to those in need.

Being new to Cartersville and Ascension it was a little intimidating because I didn’t know anyone. I will be very honest with you in the beginning I felt like an outsider and and I really didn’t participate much because of this. That is why it is so important make every visitor feel welcome. Go out of your way to include them and make newcomer’s feel like they have something to offer.

Being part of the Pastoral Care Ministry is very rewarding. It doesn’t require you to commit a lot of time and you don’t even have to attend the meetings to be part of the team. But the people you help, the smiles and tears of thanks you receive, have no measure. It takes so little time to send a card, bake a cake or a casserole, run an errand or just a simple phone call.

These are only a few ways the Pastoral Care Ministry serves the church, there is so much more and you can contact any member and we would gladly tell you more about our ministry.

Remember it’s the little things that make a huge difference.


God’s peace and love to you all.

Susan McGivern