St. Cecilia Choir

Like to sing? Join the St. Cecilia Choir!

Ages 7 – 17, Unchanged voices

The St. Cecilia Choir rehearsals are fun and musically challenging.  We rehearse each Wednesday from 5:00-5:45 PM beginning on August 15th.  A regular commitment to attend rehearsals is expected.  In addition to preparing anthems, we learn the music of the church through the singing of hymns and liturgy.  There is an intentional focus on serving the church, and ministering to our church family and community through our music.  The directors for this group are Peter Waggoner and Angee McKee.

This outstanding, energetic choir sings for Sunday morning worship at 9:00 or 11:00 approximately five times during the church year.  They lead worship at the 5:00 PM Christmas Eve service each year.  Check the current schedule for exact dates.

Our singers learn challenging treble music, sing in harmony, build music literacy skills, sing hymns and descants, and learn to sing with a beautiful tone.  An important part of our time together is spent learning the Episcopal liturgy and following the liturgical seasons.

Come, join our exciting children’s music program at The Episcopal Church of the Ascension.  We welcome all singers between the ages of 7 – 17 with unchanged voices.  Contact Angee McKee at or the church office at (770)-382-2626 if you would like to become part of this musical community.  You’ll always have supportive friends, and you will sing your faith the rest of your life!